Our People

Southeast Alaska fisherman and his boat

Ryan Wilson on the Roshell.

As a fishermen-owned cooperative, our relentless commitment to quality begins with the careful handling of our catch the moment it comes on board and continues all the way to when our customers receive our product and beyond, as so many of our customers have been loyal to us for years for that extra personal touch that we provide.

At Seafood Producers Cooperative, our people are the difference. At the SPC plant in Sitka, skippers, deck hands, and dock workers take great pride in the quality product that they help bring to SPC customers. Below is a gallery of pictures that show the people that make up our cooperative.

Alaska Seafood

Deckhand on the F/V Seaboy, a Southeast Alaska troller.

Alaska salmon

Guillermo Gutierrez with a beautiful Alaskan salmon.

Alaska Seafood

Tracey Emanuel at the helm of the Yankee

Alaska Seafood

Eric Jordan waving from the I Gotta.

Alaska Seafood

Matt Konoske waiting for a bite on the Infinity.

Alaska Seafood

Gary McMaster of the Brat.

wild salmon

Amy Grondin with wild coho salmon

Alaska Seafood

Jay and Becky Haun, a fishing couple

Alaska Seafood

Norm Pillen has been a longtime member both as a fisherman and tender operator.

Fishermen's Cooperative

Dick Curran, a longlining fisherman-owner of Seafood Producers Cooperative

Frozen Alaska Seafood

Michelle Istoc processing frozen seafood.

Fishermen's Cooperative

The crew having fun. Jose Arrambide, Nurlan Kushkumbayer, Steve Soriano, Almas Bulegen, Raymond Bean

Photos by Brian Adams Photography, Kendall Whitney, Dan Lamont and Amy Grondin.

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