At the International Pinot Noir Celebration Salmon Bake
Seafood Producers Cooperative (SPC) brought its wild king salmon to the 31st annual International Pinot Noir Celebration (IPNC) in McMinnville, Oregon for the IPNC’s famous Salmon Bake. The IPNC Salmon Bake is the climax of a weekend filled with lots of good food and wines both from Oregon’s famed Willamette Valley and around the world.

The Salmon Bake featured SPC’s Alaska Gold wild king salmon roasted on alder stakes slowly roasted over a fire pit filled with big alder and hickory logs.

Salmon Bake Fire

The IPNC Pinot Festival is a 3-day event known as a mecca for lovers of wine and the wonderful food from the Pacific Northwest. Winemakers, chefs, journalists, sommeliers, wine shop owners, epicureans, and wine enthusiasts from around the country and the world descend upon the heart of Oregon Wine Country and celebrate learning about wines at Linfield College.

Activities included vineyard tours throughout the vineyard-laden Willamette Valley and a Grand Seminar “The French Adventurers: Burgundians Making Pinot Noir in Oregon” moderated by New York Times wine columnist Eric Asimov. There were also classes on how meteorology impacts wines, using traditional approaches to improving wine, how to approach the sensory evaluation of wine, how to pair Pinot Noir with vegetables, an investigation of the cultivar, terroir, processing, roasting and brewing of coffee with Rob Hoos from Nossa Familia Coffee in Portland, and a palate cross-training course with Tony Tellin from Smith Teamakers, also from Portland.

IPNC Salmon Bake

Craig Shoemaker and Kendall Whitney of Seafood Producers Cooperative helping out at the IPNC Salmon Bake.

Vice President of Operations Craig Shoemaker and Marketing Manager Kendall Whitney represented Seafood Producers Cooperative and helped Team Salmon Bake prepare the Alaska Gold wild king salmon in the Native American style under the direction of Chef Jason Stoller Smith, executive chef at Timberline Lodge. Team Salmon Bake got its fame in 2010 when they brought their traditional salmon baking approach to a Congressional Picnic hosted by President and Mrs. Barack Obama. Each and every member of the Team Salmon Bake fondly recalls getting a hug from the Obamas. Timberline has seven dining locations located around Mt. Hood in Oregon, including the famous Cascade Dining Room. Jason’s close ties with local Pacific Northwest farmers, ranchers, vintners, brewers and fishermen makes dining at Timberline Lodge special.

King Salmon Fillets at the IPNC Salmon Bake

SPC’s Alaska Gold King Salmon fillets at the International Pinot Noir Celebration in McMinnville, Oregon.

Seafood Producers Cooperative also brought their Gourmet Canned Albacore Tuna and their Alaska Gold Traditional Smoked King Salmon to the Chardonnay tasting on the lawn.

Our fishermen-owned co-op was proud to bring our wild salmon and tuna to this outstanding event. What an amazing amount of organization involved to bring so many world-class wineries, chefs, and food producers together to make a weekend of culinary magic.

Alaska Gold King Salmon

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