About Sitka Our processing facility is in Sitka, Alaska. Sitka is located on Baranof Island in Southeast Alaska, on the outer coast of Alaska Inside Passage, and is accessible by the Alaska Marine Ferry System or Alaska Airlines. Sitka has most of the services one would expect to find in a good sized town in the rest of the U.S. Three supermarkets, a variety of restaurants, and other retail businesses serve a population of 8,900 residents and countless summer visitors. Sitka also has two hospitals, two colleges, two libraries, and places of worship for nearly every faith. The scenery is spectacular with lots of outdoor recreation and attractions. The weather is fairly mild with an average high temperature in August of 62 degrees and an average low temperature in January of 30 degrees. Average annual rainfall is 86” and average annual snowfall is 39”. For more information on Sitka, visit these sites: and


What To Expect Work in a seafood processing plant can mean long hours, cold and wet conditions, and hard work. The jobs can be demanding and the hours long. During the busy summer months twelve hour days are normal and a day off is unusual. To succeed in the processing industry, a worker must be capable of working the necessary hours and be motivated by the extra pay that overtime hours bring. Hard work and long hours result in big paychecks! Although the days can be long, workers take a lunch break and regularly scheduled coffee breaks.

Processing workers can expect to help unload boats, sort fresh fish by species and grade, cut off heads and remove guts, shovel ice, and clean up the processing areas. A seafood processor may remove the frozen fish from freezer racks, pack fish for shipment or storage, or load heavy boxes of fish onto trucks. The jobs are frequently wet or messy, so workers usually wear rubber boots, rain gear and gloves.


SPC Employee Pay Rates and Benefits Pay Scale Effective June 2 the pay scale for hourly processing labor at SPC:

0 – 1000 hours – $10.00/hour; 1001 – 2000 hours – $10.75/hour; 2001 hours and up – $11.50/hour

SPC pays overtime at the rate of 1 ½ times your hourly rate for hours worked in excess of 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week.

Bonus Program SPC pays a bonus to employees who begin work by April 1 and remain through November 15, which is the end of the longline fishing season. The bonus amount changes from year to year, however it is usually greater than $0.60 per hour for every hour worked by a qualifying employee.

401(k) Plan After completing a year of service with a minimum of 1000 hours employees are eligible to participate in the SPC 401(k) retirement program. Employees may contribute a portion of their wages to the plan and SPC will contribute an amount equal to 37.5% of your contribution, though no more than 3% of your total compensation.

Eligibility For Employment In order to work in the United States proof of eligibility for employment is required. The Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, requires that employers have new workers fill out Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification. Certain documents must be presented in order to verify your eligibility to work.   SPC cannot hire you unless you present appropriate documentation in person. You can click here to view the I-9 Form and see a list of acceptable documents. Remember, you will need either one document from List A or a combination of one document from List B and one document from List C.

Equal Opportunity Employer Since we are an Equal Opportunity Employer all employees and potential employees will be recruited, selected, trained, promoted, transferred, and if necessary terminated without regard to sex, race, religion, age, marital status, changes in marital status, pregnancy or parenthood, national origin, color, or the presence of any sensory, physical or mental handicap. All applicants are carefully screened and full consideration is given to their training, education, skills, aptitudes, experience, growth potential and previous work record. Our Equal Employment Opportunity policy applies to all phases of employment – selection, promotion and demotion, transfer, compensation and benefits, layoff and recall, and termination.


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