Over 70 years ago, a group of halibut fishermen in Ballard, a neighborhood in Seattle, realized that the best way to ensure that their products were delivered with quality from ocean to market was to process their own fish instead of depending on the services of agents. They formed what would become North America’s oldest and most successful fishermen’s cooperative.Today over 575 fishermen belong to Seafood Producers Cooperative and roam the waters of the North Pacific catching fish by hook and line methods.

What started in 1944 as a cooperative to provide halibut liver oil to vitamin companies has now become a full-fledged organization that provides sushi producers in Japan, fish smokers in New York City, upscale restaurants across the United States, and reputable grocery purveyors in Europe with the highest quality fish available. And the fishermen are still the boss.

In 1981, Halibut Producers Co-operative became Seafood Producers Cooperative to to better reflect the variety of fish species its members produce.

Because the fishermen are in charge, SPC products have the most direct path from boat to plate. What makes an SPC product stand out is the fishermen’s relentless commitment to quality starting on the boat all the way to delivering fish to our customers. The fishermen’s pride in getting the best fish on the plate of diners around the world is made even stronger when working in a cooperative in which members look after each other for the benefit of the co-op as a whole.

Because our fish is caught by hook and line and handled one fish at a time, we can quality-check every step of the way. Based on the customer feedback that we have received over the 70 years that we have been fishing the waters of the North Pacific, we believe that you’ll be satisfied with the results of our hard work.


Pete Brown, one of the best fish graders in the business, sorting troll salmon at Pelican Cold Storage.

spc history


Tolvo Anderson and Francis Caldwell,two Seafood Producers Cooperative legends, compare notes.


The Atlas, formerly owned by HPC member John Munsun

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