Click on the pictures below to see videos of our fishermen in action. See SPC News for the latest articles in which Seafood Producers Cooperative is featured.

The Good Catch

“The Good Catch” is an introduction to Seafood Producers Cooperative.

Line-Caught Wild Salmon

Here Seafood Producers Cooperative Board Member Lance Preston talks about our fishermen-owned co-op and what’s special about line-caught wild salmon.

Fresher Than Fresh: Frozen At Sea Wild Salmon

This video illustrates the unique care with catch and handling methods our fishermen-members use in producing frozen-at-sea salmon.

One by One

Go on the boat with Seafood Producers Cooperative members as they catch salmon One Hook One Fish At A Time. This video, entitled “One by One,” was made by SPC member Lynn Steyaart.

Seafood Producers Cooperative and Wild Salmon

Here long-time SPC member Jay Haun talks about what’s unique about Seafood Producers Cooperative and the wild salmon our fishermen produce.

For press inquiries or more information on Seafood Producers Cooperative, please contact Kendall Whitney at our Bellingham, Washington office at (360) 733-0120.

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