For sales and media inquiries:

Seafood Producers Cooperative-Bellingham
2875 Roeder Ave, #2
Bellingham, WA 98225
p: (360) 733-0120; f: (360)733-0513

For plant operations:

Seafood Producers Cooperative-Sitka
507 Katlian Street
Sitka, AK 99835
p: (907) 747-5811; f: (907) 747-3206


For general sales inquiries, contact Jeff Reynolds
For fresh market sales, contact Kurt Sigfusson
For traffic and logistics questions, contact Jessie Koehler
For plant inquiries, contact Craig Shoemaker
For media inquiries, contact Kendall Whitney

For employment at our Sitka plant, apply here.

For home delivery of our premium-quality seafood, caught sustainably on hook and line, check out


One Hook One Fish
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