For sales and media inquiries:

Seafood Producers Cooperative-Bellingham
2875 Roeder Ave, #2
Bellingham, WA 98225
p: (360) 733-0120; f: (360)733-0513

For plant operations:

Seafood Producers Cooperative-Sitka
507 Katlian Street
Sitka, AK 99835
p: (907) 747-5811; f: (907) 747-3206


For general sales inquiries, contact Jeff Reynolds jreynolds<at>
For fresh market sales, contact Kurt Sigfusson ksigfusson<at>
For traffic and logistics questions, contact Jessie Koehler jkoehler<at>
For plant inquiries, contact Craig Shoemaker craigs-spcak<at>
For media inquiries, contact Kendall Whitney kwhitney<at>

For employment at our Sitka plant, apply here.

To become an SPC Owner, here are the SPC Owner Application Forms.

For home delivery of our premium-quality seafood, caught sustainably on hook and line, check out


One Hook One Fish
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